Writing is painful, as any professional writer knows. No matter how much you love it, you’ll run into blocks. Why? Because when you’re deep in the nitty gritty details of writing, it’s easy to lose sight of the overall message you want to impart to your readers.

Think of me as your audience. I am here to provide constructive feedback so you can break through blocks and move towards creating more polished writing with a strong, clear and authentic message.


The Writer’s Process is my online writing academy designed to help you build writing skills, find your community and learn how to be paid for your words.

If you’re looking to stop feeling so overwhelmed by your writing, find other writers to support you and make a real commitment to your writing, then The Writer’s Process is for you!

Learn all about The Writer’s Process and sign up here.


I’ve been working with Leigh for over a year now and I am very happy with the way she works. She brings out my best writing and always has great ideas and makes useful suggestions. Leigh always wants ‘to know more,’ which makes me look at my writing in a different, more critical way and think how I can improve it.

-- ANA O'REILLY, writes at Apuntes Ideas Imágenes

These private workshops are perfect at any stage of your writing process, from brainstorming to editing or a final read through when preparing to submit for publication.

Prior to meeting, we’ll chat and figure out the best way to work together. You may need someone to help you get started. Or you may prefer for us to comb through your various projects and focus on those that best serve you and your writing goals. Or perhaps you’re working on a larger piece of writing and want someone who can offer you sane, concise and supportive feedback to help you finish.

All meetings take place via Skype.

Ready to talk and see how we can work together? E-mail me at leigh (at) thefutureisred (dot) com to chat more.


Leigh has been a key catalyst in my development as a writer and editor. She can see what you are trying to say even when you can’t. If you think you have nothing to say, she will help you to realize that you couldn’t be further from the truth. Leigh gives you the confidence to discover, play with and develop your own voice.

-- NICK ROWLANDS, editor at AFAR


Every year for my birthday, I give away mentoring hours to other women looking to find direction, support and inspiration in their writing. In 2014, a group of other wonderful, talented women writers joined me, and together we gave away fifty hours of mentoring. We watched as women formed connections and even permanent mentor relationships. Some women wanted a boost to move past fear and toward their goals. Some sought resources and knowledge to write resumes, pitch editors and get published.

Women learned to find work, make a living writing and share their stories with others.

If you’d like to take part in my mentorship birthday celebration, sign up for my mailing list and I’ll email to let you know when it launches for this year.


I absolutely love working with Leigh! She has helped me get really clear on my goals for my writing, and has the expertise to guide me through whatever I’m writing at the moment.  Pitch, article, blog post, or organizing my thoughts for a someday book. Leigh is always there to answer  questions after our sessions together and has a way of gently nudging you to keep going. I highly recommend working with Leigh if you want to move your writing forward!

ABBIE MOOD, writer and founder of Life Discovery Project