Free downloadable coloring to relax your brain

Coloring books for adults. They’re so hot right now. (Triple points, by the way, to anyone who gets that movie reference.) They calm the amygdala which in turn helps you de-stress. Carl Jung even suggested coloring mandalas to relax. So clearly, if science and Jung are saying we should color, it’s a thing.

The more relaxed you are, the more able you are to tap into your creative energies. The more you feel at ease with your brain, the more productive you’ll be.

That means, when it’s late and you’re on deadline. Or you’re writing a short story and the inner goblin whispers quietly that “You suck. This will never work out.” Or when you’ve been sitting in front of your notebook trying to write but nothing happens.

Stop what you’re doing. Stop the struggle and just color.

Coloring to relax your brain, boost creativity and keep writing. Coloring pages free downloadable

And what would any blog post be without at least a few links to some free downloadable coloring pages.

Parade has a whole lotta links to all kinds of coloring books. From happy cats to Japanese designs to a page from The Secret Garden coloring book by Johanna Basford. And they update and add new pages moving forward.

Then there’s Dover Publications on Pinterest. I love Dover for all their copyright free art, and now it’s yours for the coloring! (This is where I got those giraffes, by the way. GIRAFFES! WHEEEE!)

And while we’re talking Pinterest, there’s an entire section for adult coloring pages, which sounds kind of like it would be pornographic. It’s not. Sorry.

And finally, while not a free downloadable, this Badass Feminist Coloring Book  by Ijeoma Oluo is definitely worth a look. Full disclosure: Quite a few of my own badass feminist writer friends are in there for your coloring joy.

Then there is the DR WHO COLORING BOOK COMING SOON! So get your blue crayons ready. (H/T Chris Rachael Oseland. Read her amazing interview about how-to self publish here.

Also, Unicorns Are Jerks: A Coloring Book Exposing the Cold Hard Sparkly Truth by Theo Nicole Lorenz. (H/T Megan Larkin.)

And for God’s sake, let me know if I missed any good coloring books!