Interview with Chris Rachael Oseland: Find your own Party Geeks Who Craft

Whats the best way to learn how-to and where-to publish and market your own books? Ask authors who have been there and done that. Chris Rachael Oseland, blogger at Kitchen Overlord and the author of many self published cookbooks gives you her sharpest advice.

A Portrait of Lila on the Eve of her 11th Birthday

I lost track of you this last year. Call it pregnancy brain if you will. I stopped making breakfast for you in the mornings, because I was too nauseated to toast bread. At night, our bedtime chats cut short because I was too large and uncomfortable to fit in bed with you.
You were ever patient.
You didn’t want to upset me.
You brought me ice wat […]

Writing Prompt: What will you say about yourself when you’re gone?

It's not easy to think about the time after your death. When will it happen? What will the world be like? What will you say? Two examples within. Then you write your own.

Holy Crap, I Did It!

This time last year, I was in the midst of applying for Argentine residency and couldn’t leave the country. The idea of being stuck and unable to travel was, to say the least, uncomfortable, but since I was also hugely pregnant, the discomfort of an extra 40 pounds left me happy to stay home, sleep as much as possible and just wait for my baby to b […]

50 Mentors! 50 Hours! 50 Women! Sign up for my mentoring exchange!

The 2015 Women’s Mentor Exchange has ended.

Thank you to all who took part. It has been an amazing experience, and I’ll be doing it again next year so sign up for my newsletter and I’ll send you all the details.
I have a custom. Every year on my birthday, I give gifts instead of getting them. I’ve done this in different ways over the years. Thi […]

Dearest Margaret: On Love and Abundance

This post talks about death, but really it's about life. It's about us, humans, as an evolving species as we expand our experience and become more open. It's about abundance and about flowers in a garden on the other side of the planet. Happy new year!

Happy NOT-Mothers Day to all you mothers and NOT-Mothers

I wrote the first draft of this months and months ago. Before it was mother's day, but I had things to do. Mother's day passed, and I realized, this most doesn't need mother's day, because any day is a good day to be selfish.

An Ode to Johnny Vagabond

"People are funny," I told him. "And nuts."
"Thank the gods," he replied. "Otherwise I'd be bored shitless."
And that right there tells you everything you need to know about Wes Nations and why he was such a damn fine storyteller.

Yeah, he was a fabulous storyteller, but that's not the only reason I'll miss him.

What if I told you What’s-Always-Been Is a Lie?

Whenever someone tells me how things "should" be or that there's an established way of things that I need follow, my immediate reaction is to do the opposite. Yeah, question everything!

It’s easy, apparently, to decide not to die.

It was a summer of firsts. My first summer away from home. My first job that I found on my own. I worked with artists, lived in New York City, and most of all I learned how to live forever.