This is why Contributoria failed. Many faults. One big reason.

Contributoria closes it's doors

I love the idea of citizen backed media projects, but after trying Contributoria, I decided I wouldn’t do it again. Turns out, it closed before I even had a chance to prove that.

In my deepest fears, writing makes us die


It is the worst. Anxiety creeps into my day whether I like it or not. It wakes me up in the morning, sucks words out of my head when i write, and leaves me exhausted. Did you ever wonder how a writer copes with anxiety? Here’s how.

Are you a real travel writer?

Panama Kuna Yala San Blas Islands

What makes something real travel writing? Is it a guidebook? Must it involve danger? What does it even mean when people say travel is about a place? It’s exhausting sometimes to answer these questions.

For me, though, real travel writing must do one thing and one thing only.