Writing Prompt: Writing Strong Male Characters

How to write strong male characters. Writing prompts.

Sure, there are endless stereotypes of what a man should be and how you can incorporate them into your characters. But what characteristics really lend themselves to realistic and unique male characters.

With some absolutely ridiculous images to (hopefully) inspire you to greatness.

How to be a perfect father in three easy steps


First produce viable semen. It can be through passion or from duty or because you do it in a lab for money or whatever. This is usually the first step. It means nothing. Then, read all the books your wife tells you she thinks you should be reading. At least seriously consider it. If you don’t […]

“What can we do to stop racism?” you ask.


Don’t look away. Don’t pretend there’s nothing you can do. Don’t succumb to feelings of helplessness. There is plenty you can do to aid in the fight to end racism.

Go. Listen. Read. Teach. Learn. Let’s work together so that the horrific shooting in Charleston never happens again.