Dearest Margaret: On Love and Abundance for a New Year

This post talks about death, but really it’s about life. It’s about us, humans, as an evolving species as we expand our experience and become more open. It’s about abundance and about flowers in a garden on the other side of the planet.

Happy new year!

Happy NOT-Mothers Day to all you mothers and NOT-Mothers

I wrote the first draft of this months and months ago. Before it was mother’s day, but I had things to do. Mother’s day passed, and I realized, this most doesn’t need mother’s day, because any day is a good day to be selfish.

An Ode to Johnny Vagabond

“People are funny,” I told him. “And nuts.”
“Thank the gods,” he replied. “Otherwise I’d be bored shitless.”

And that right there tells you everything you need to know about Wes Nations and why he was such a damn fine storyteller.

Yeah, he was a fabulous storyteller, but that’s not the only reason I’ll miss him.

What if I told you What’s-Always-Been Is a Lie?

Whenever someone tells me how things “should” be or that there’s an established way of things that I need follow, my immediate reaction is to do the opposite. Yeah, question everything!

It’s easy, apparently, to decide not to die.

It was a summer of firsts. My first summer away from home. My first job that I found on my own. I worked with artists, lived in New York City, and most of all I learned how to live forever.

How we allow the stories we tell to define us

Three years after the ten year anniversary of 9/11, and what has changed?

I found this piece I wrote on the tenth anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Those horrible days changed my life, because it taught me a lesson I don’t know I would have otherwise learned.

If only these giant fleshy beasts could speak

One Sunday, we visited Santa Rosa de Tastil in northwest Argentina. It’s a town of one hundred people that sprouted from the oasis just below the ancient settlement of Tastil. I didn’t plan to write about it, but something about the place got me.

I wanted to somehow capture it. I wanted to show how dry land and fallen cacti can tell such a vibrant story.

In between the moving parts, we write

“How do you do it all,” a friend asked me. “It’s easy,” I told her. “I just lowered my standards.” I don’t expect perfection anymore. Instead, I banish the little guilts we feel and enjoy where I am before moving on to something else.

42 Reasons to be Grateful in my 42nd year

As a celebration of life for another year, a rejoicing in all the good in my life, here I list 42 of the things for which I am most grateful.

This list began when I was pregnant, uncomfortable and overwhelmed. Thus, I wrote in my journal simply listing as many pieces of my life that make me happy and full of love.

It’s amazing what you can learn about your own life in just ten minutes of writing.

Sunrise Over Salta: Life and writing are in the details

I began taking these sunrise photos to remind myself that even in a small space, with very little change of place or time, life offers a spectacular range of vision, beauty and variation.

If you remember this well, you can find endless variation for the vision of your writing which in turn guides the vision of your life.

Want to see what I saw from my balcony every morning for the last two years? Check out this photo essay.

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